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Mexican Bill Box (FT)
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Mexican Bill Box (FT)
Mexican Bill Box (FT)
Item #: 21748 (M14-5-1)
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The performer displays a wood box, which appears totally sealed from all sides. A clear plastic window on top displays the inside of the empty box. The box is thoroughly examined by the audience, and there seems to be no way to get into it, other than by breaking it open!

A currency bill is borrowed, (the highest denomination your audience will trust you with!), and folded in halves, or smaller, so it can fit inside the box. The bill is signed on top by the spectator, to allow him to identify it. It is then placed over the transparent window on top of the box.

The box is now tilted away from the spectator's view for a moment, then handed over to him. He is surprised to find the bill sealed inside the box! He can see his signature through the transparent window.

Spectator is asked to remove his bill without breaking the box, or tearing the plastic window. There’s plenty of scope for comedy at this stage… "Thanks for the tip!"… or "I’ll sell you the box cheap!" as he finds he cannot get out his bill.

Finally the box is placed out of his sight for a moment (behind your back, or under the table), and the bill is removed and handed back to him.

Everything may be examined again.

The regular Mexican Bill Box measures 3″ x 2″ x 1.25″, and is suited for use with bills or other small objects. It is supplied with detailed illustrated instructions.

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A signed bill is placed over the window on top of the
box. It's tilted away from the spectators for a moment. The bill is 
found inside the sealed box! And the spectator is unable to remove 
it! Play this up as a mystery or a comedy effect.