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Mind Control (EZ-X) - Pack of 12
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Mind Control (EZ-X) - Pack of 12
Mind Control (EZ-X) - Pack of 12
Item #: 9967 (M14-8-3)
Unit: Dozen

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Probably the most simple mental feat ever devised, yet one of the most effective! Three cards are placed on the table face up. One has a red spot, one has a yellow spot, and the last a blue spot. Victim now makes an absolutely free choice of one color. He can even change his mind. No matter which color is chosen, the Magi produces a prediction that matches the chosen color. Prediction is in full view of audience during entire effect. Everything you need, including pencil. Pack of 12.

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The magician will always match the color selected, right in front of 
the audience. Complete with pencil. Pack of 12.