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Mini Finger Reel - Plastic (FT)
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Mini Finger Reel - Plastic (FT)
Mini Finger Reel - Plastic (FT)
Item #: 9970 (M14-9-3)
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At first glance it looks like a dollar snatcher, but this powerful little reel is versatile enough to do the famous unknotting silk, and the silk through microphone classic. May be taken apart and used with monofilament.
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Reel Magic by Albenice
BK12346 (L10-2-2.L20-2-1.2.3)
A good reel can be the most versatile utility device in magic. This book teaches you to perform various tricks with the reel. You will control cards rising, silks coming to life, small items vanishing, appearing, floating, changing color, and more.
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E-Z Money Vanisher (FT)
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Reel - Brass - Large (FT)
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Match Up The Nose Reel (FT)
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Silk - 6" - Pack of 12 - Red
14440 (M18-16-1)
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Snatch money and unknot silks with this contraption.