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Mis-Prediction (FT)
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Mis-Prediction (FT)
Mis-Prediction (FT)
Item #: 19890 (M14-14-2)
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An envelope containing a card prediction is displayed. A spectator is invited to choose a card. The magician removes 3 cards from the envelope - saying one of them is the audience's selected card, but this is not so. The magician begs for another chance and takes out 3 more cards, and then 3 again, but none of these match the spectator's selection. Finally the magician turns over all of the cards on the table. They form a giant card - the one the spectator selected.

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3 incorrect card guesses are proven right after reading the insurance policy. The folded policy measures 3.5" x 8.5", and grows to 16.5" x 20.5" – large enough for stage.
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Funny Prediction - 10H
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Mis-Prediction (VDF)
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You try 4 times to prove you had predicted the spectator's chosen card. You're wrong every time...then you turn the cards over and, like puzzle pieces, they form the spectator's card!
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All of the magician's incorrect card predictions, when later 
combined, end up being correct, appearing as a giant card.