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Money Tote Bag
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Money Tote Bag
Money Tote Bag
Item #: 21284 (M6-14-4)
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This bag with money printed on it really catches your audience's eyes! Make money appear, disappear, or transform! Also use silks, candy, ribbons, or anything else you can fit! 

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Card Castles from Bag (Empire)
22050 (M2-10-3)
Card Castles appear from an empty bag!
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Magic Bag (FT)
21871 (M5-12-2)
An empty bag produces six (6) colorful blocks! The performer displays an empty bag. The audience can look right into this, and see it is completely empty. Reaching inside, the magician produces a solid block in glitter color, then 5 more!
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Tote Bag - Mini
21283 (M8-12-4)
A small velvet bag with drawstring for a production, vanish, switch, color change, etc.
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Tote Bag - Zipper
20672 (M23-12-2)
Change items or make them disappear once in the bag.
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Spring Bills - Bouquet (FT)
12889 (M8-8-3)
This flowering bouquet of realistic bills can be produced from any production apparatus, from beneath a silk hanky, or any place where spring flowers are used. Bundle of 10 spring bills.
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Silk Wonder Box Deluxe (FT)
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Tear No Tear Pad (FT)
21802 ( M8-3-2)
A very clever prop that you can carry around in your pocket that will allow you to perform many mind-blowing feats of mentalism. The spectator cannot, and then can, tear the paper! Dimensions are 3.5" x 2.5".
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Sponge Balls to Bunny - Small (FT)
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Card Change Pedestal – Wood Deluxe Collector’s Edition (FT)
21789 (M2-12-2)
This is a “pedestal” which will produce, vanish, exchange and even restore a torn poker size playing card, or any equivalent item (business cards, envelopes, paper money, silks etc.).
In Stock

This decorated bag can make money appear, disappear, or transform!