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Mummy Mystery - Deluxe Plastic (FT)
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Mummy Mystery - Deluxe Plastic (FT)
Mummy Mystery - Deluxe Plastic (FT)
Item #: 18575 (M15-12-3)
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A deluxe model of a very popular effect, with engraved miniature mummies and sarcophagus. The magician displays three mummies of three different colors (white, grey and black). The magician turns his head away after inviting a spectator to place any mummy they fancy into the coffin, close it, and place it on the table. The performer speaks the color, without touching the coffin or even going near it. Easy to do, can be repeated.

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Divine a spectator's thoughts.  The magician will know which 
colored, engraved mummy was placed by a spectator into the tomb.  
Easy to do, and can be repeated.