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Nail through Finger
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Nail through Finger
Nail through Finger
Item #: 17642 (M15-11-1)
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This one always gets 'em. It looks so real, you'll fool yourself! Silver colored plastic nail.
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Hole in Your Head
21241 (O2-3-4)
Magician shows that a nickel sticks to his forehead. Easy, right? No, because when he shows the nickel it has a large nail attached to it!
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Trick Nail - Nail through Phone or Object
Make it look like someone put a nail through your cell phone, cup or any other object. 4.75" long.
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Bloody Razor Blade through Finger - Pack of 12
17553 (M2-1-2)
Ouch! It looks like this blade cuts right through the performer's finger. Pack of 12
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Nail thru Hand Illusion
N20332 (M15-10-3)
Make your friends think you managed to nail your own hand.
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Arrow through Head
20331 (M1-15-2)
Wild and crazy! This arrow looks like it's going through the performer's head.
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Nail thru Head
This nail appears to pierce the head of the magician.
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This will look like a nail has gone through your finger.