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Nails Thru Coin - With 5 Nails (VDF)
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Nails Thru Coin - With 5 Nails (VDF)
Nails Thru Coin - With 5 Nails (VDF)
Item #: 22136 (M1-6-3)
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The magician shows a box with some holes on its base and lid, and gives it for examination. He borrows a coin and places it inside the box. He then has the five nails examined and inserts them one by one in the box. The audience will remain amazed that every single nail penetrates the coin. The effect can be performed from every perspective and everyone will see the nails come out from the bottom of the box. To finish, the magician removes every single nail, opens the box and shows the coin intact.

Simply incredible!

• Very easy to do.
• Full color instructions and box.
• A tiny yet big illusion to always bring with you.
• The box is 3 cm tall and has a diameter of 3.5 cm.

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A borrowed coin is placed it inside a small box. Five nails are 
examined and inserted one by one into the box. The audience will be 
amazed that every single nail penetrates the coin!