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Neo Magnet -10 mm - Pack of 10 (VDF)
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Neo Magnet -10 mm - Pack of 10 (VDF)
Neo Magnet -10 mm - Pack of 10 (VDF)
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Here is a tool as important as useful in magic : neodymium magnet 10 x 10 mm. With this powerful magnet, it is possible to modify a rope to perform incredible effects of “cut and restored rope”. The power and size of this cylinder make it suitable even for ropes thicker than normal.   Minimum Package of 10 magnets.

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Magicians' Rope - Soft Core 36 ft (FT)
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Powerful neodymium magnets, each 10 x 10mm.  With these magnets, it 
is possible to modify a rope to perform the incredible effect of 
"cut and restored rope". Minimum pack of 10.