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Nerd Glasses - Coke Bottle Magnifying - Pack of 12
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Nerd Glasses - Coke Bottle Magnifying - Pack of 12
Nerd Glasses - Coke Bottle Magnifying - Pack of 12
Item #: 21134 (M15-8-1)
Unit: Dozen

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Are you a geek? Or doctor on call? Or crazy Einstein? The pair of magnifying nerd glasses is a perfect dress-up accessory for that. The thick lenses of these glasses make your eyes appear to be BIG. Made of hard plastic. 5.5" across. Pack of 12

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Your eyes will look really BIG in these glasses! Dress up as a nerd, 
geek or doctor with this pair of magnifying glasses. Made of hard 
plastic. 5.5" across. Pack of 12