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Nickels to Dimes (E-Z)
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Nickels to Dimes (E-Z)
Nickels to Dimes (E-Z)
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A brass cover is placed over four nickels. A spectator is asked to remove the cover, and four dimes are discovered! The nickels have apparently vanished into thin air. The brass cover may be examined! Many other startling effects can be performed with this precision made device. No skill required. 5 routines included.

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Self Working Coin Magic 92 Foolproof Tricks by K. Fulves
Fulves teaches over 90 of his best coin tricks.
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Nickels to Dimes 25 Tricks Booklet
This book teaches you how to turn a nickel into a dime.
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Coin Magic - Hugard
Hugard teaches varying levels of coin magic.
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Dime and Penny with Plastic Bang Ring
D21149 *
The famous Penny to Dime trick comes with the plastic bang ring and instructions.
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Magic Coin Slide Case #5413
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Greater Magic Video Library - Coin Classics - Vol. 1
Greater Magic Video Library. A collection of magicians teaches coin magic.
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Mini Coins - Dime - Pack of 144
M18063 *
A pack of 144 miniature dimes.
In stock

Shrinking Nickel
S20728 *
The nickel will magically reduce in size.
In stock

Coin Holder (FT)
Gimmick designed to hold four Half Dollar coins, or others of the same size. Can be used for any coin production effect. Made of brass.
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Magic Chinese Sticks, PBH #5718
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PK Magnetic Coins - Half Dollar
M18330 *
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Sponge Balls - 1" Supersoft Set of 4 - Red
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Scotch and Soda with Mexican Centavo (Z)
S20072 *
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Foil Production Coils #10 (FT)
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Seamlessly change nickels into dimes with this precision made brass 
device. No skill required. 5 routines included.