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101 Tricks with Change Bags Booklet (FT)
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101 Tricks with Change Bags Booklet (FT)
101 Tricks with Change Bags Booklet (FT)
Item #: BK14641 (L9-2-2)
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48 pages of information on a variety of Change bags, and 101 tricks you can do with them. The book contains 101 tricks that can be done with the flat or draw string change bag, one hand change bag, regular change bag, repeat change bag, the clear force bag, and the mesh change bag. 5.5" x 8.5" size.


The tricks contained in this book can be performed by beginners, amateurs or pro’s, kid show performers or mentalists.

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Information on a variety of Change Bags (flat or draw string, one 
hand, regular, repeat, clear force, and mesh), and 101 tricks you 
can do with them.