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110 Unbelievable Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
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110 Unbelievable Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
110 Unbelievable Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
Item #: BK14134 (L9-1-2.FP1)
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The latest update of this classic trick. A revision of Al Stevenson's 75 tricks book, with over 60 new effects. Includes Magic Ian's Millennium Move, for close up and stage manipulators. The easy stuff is included as well. Find any selected card in seconds. After mis-shuffling, the selected card is found to be face up in a face down pack. 40 pages.

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With this versatile deck the magic is in your hands. Find the spectator's card like a sleight of hand expert but using no sleight of hand! Assorted red and blue colors.
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Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Red
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Learn over 100 tricks involving a stripper deck with this 
book. A revision of Al Stevenson's 75 tricks book, with over 60 new