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Paper Tears - Christmas Merry with DVD
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Paper Tears - Christmas Merry with DVD
Paper Tears - Christmas Merry with DVD
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The magician shows a sign that reads "CHRISTMAS MERRY" printed on it in a store window. He goes inside and tells the shopkeeper that his printer made a mistake and the sign should read “MERRY CHRISTMAS” He takes the sign out of the window, tears it in half and holds it so that it reads correctly. The shopkeeper is incensed and begins to yell at the magician that he ruined his sign!

The magician tells the shopkeeper to fear not because he can fix the problem magically. He now begins to fold the paper into a small packet, wave his hands magically and chant some magic words. As he does this he noticeably drops a packet of paper on the floor and steps on it. The shopkeeper becomes intrigued and laughs to himself as he realizes that the magician is doing a cheap trick that he messed up.

The magician is not bothered by his mistake and unfolds the folded packet of torn sign to show that it is restored and reads correctly “MERRY CHRISTMAS.” The shopkeeper points to the magicians foot with the paper under it. The magician chuckles and asks the shopkeeper to open the packet. It is a restored sign that reads “HAPPY NEW YEAR.”

You get enough supplies to do the effect 12 times.

Includes an instructional DVD.

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Entertain your audience with the Xmas themed funny paper tear trick. 
Enough supplies to do the effect 12 times. Includes an instructional