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Party Snaps - Display of 50
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Party Snaps - Display of 50
Party Snaps - Display of 50
Item #: 17262 (R17-3-3)
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This is a great new item! Tiny cherry bombs you can safely ignite by simply squeezing in your fingertips. Safe, no danger! They'll pop off simply by dropping 'em on any hard surface. Makes a loud bang. Display of 50. Note:This item can not ship via air.  

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It's a tiny wand but then you make it grow!
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How Magicians Think - Joshua Jay
BK21655 (L6-1-3)
Joshua Jay, one of the world’s most accomplished magicians, brings us inside the minds of magicians to reveal the artistry and obsessiveness, esoteric history, and long-whispered-about traditions of a subject shrouded in mystery.
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Phony Squirt Catsup (Royal)
21627 (M16-5-1)
Want some catsup? Or do you prefer ketchup? Either way, it's fake, a classic gag, a red piece of string that gets 'em every time.
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Fortune Telling Fish - Pack of 72
21617 (M9-11-3)
The classic party item. The fish will be able to figure out someone's personality. Place it on the palm and watch it move mysteriously. Then check the personality chart on the back of the package.
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Fart Whistle - 4 inches - Pack of 12
21612 (M8-7-1)
Blow the whistle to make fart noises. Gag gift or humorous game prize. Blister card.
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Zig Zag Rope (Empire)
21600 (M25-6-3.4)
"Cut" the rope into two pieces then restore the rope!
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Scare your friends with this harmless loud noise. Display of