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Pick a Color Stick (FT)
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Pick a Color Stick (FT)
Pick a Color Stick (FT)
Item #: P14140 (M16-6-3)
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The magician displays a stick with 6 different colored blocks on both sides. Spectator selects any color, and the entire stick changes to the selected color on both sides. Easy to do, complete with instructions.

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FanTaStik Color Changing Stick - Pack of 12
10741 (M8-8-3)
The six colors become the same when chosen by the participant. Pack of 12.
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Hot Rod Jumbo Black - 5 Inch (FT)
11614 (M10-9-3)
The different colored stones will magically become the same color.
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40 Tricks with a Hot Rod by S. Anderson
BK14546 (L5-2-2.L32-1-2.3)
This short, informative book covers 40 tricks using the hot rod.
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Zeezo Hot Rod (TM)
Z19914 (M25-8-2)
A classic pocket trick with a clever new twist! A small rod is shown to have six different colored spots on each side. A spectator selects a color and magically all the spots vanish - except for the selected color!
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Silk - 9" - Pack of 12 - Assorted
18158 (M18-17-4)
A dozen assorted colors silks, 9" in size.
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Kids Kards Richard Pinner's Magic Deck
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Silk - 12" - Pack of 12 - Assorted
18168 (M18-17-1)
A dozen assorted color silks, 12" in size.
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Hot Rod Trick and Book Kit
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Zucchini Kidshow Rockstar DVD
DVD20134 (R7-3-2)
Knaus shows you how to be a great kid show performer, with focus on kids age 2-7.
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84 Card Tricks Book
BK14098 (L4-2-3.L36-F)
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Amazing Book of Cards with DVD by Joshua Jay
BK19691 (L1-1-3)
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Mouth Coils - Cresey Regular 25 ft - Combo Colors - Red, White and Blue
20612 (M15-18-3)
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Six Card Repeat - Partial Deck (FT)
18462 (M19-11-2)
The same 6 cards continue to appear no matter what the magician does.
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Thumb Tip - Promo - Vinyl - Pack of 12
20230 (M22-15-2)
This vinyl thumb tip can assist with many tricks. Pack of 72 includes thumb tips and 1 copy of our "50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip by M. Christopher" booklet.
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Appearing Cane - Silver SS 3 Feet (FT)
11041 (M1-12-5)
Made of stainless steel, silver in color and stretches to 3 feet in length. Looks like solid steel. No rusting, no oiling and cleaning, no mess, and no color fading.
In Stock

A stick with various colors becomes one color after that color is 
chosen by the audience member.