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Plate Through Arm Penetration - Arm Chopper or Wrist Chopper (FT)
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Plate Through Arm Penetration - Arm Chopper or Wrist Chopper (FT)
Plate Through Arm Penetration - Arm Chopper or Wrist Chopper (FT)
Item #: 21759 (M-16-7-1)
Unit: Each

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This is a very effective and baffling penetration effect that requires little more than correct handling. Designed on a principle similar to that used for a commercial Finger Penetration effect, this is a large size stage model.


In effect a solid plate penetrates the performer's or a spectator's wrist.


The apparatus supplied is comprised of a frame and plate. The frame has folding legs at the bottom, which can be swiveled to have the frame stand upright on the table, and swivel back to give you a pack flat prop. The frame is spring-hinged at the bottom, and can be split in half by pulling apart the opposite edges at the top. This enables you to show the entire inside of the frame as empty. 

You display the frame and plate, then place your, or a spectator's arm, through the hole in the plate, and push the plate down. It penetrates right through the arm. The frame is swiveled open to show the plate has indeed gone through the arm, and the frame is otherwise empty.

The clever mechanical construction of this prop is a delight to use, and a very baffling mystery for the audience. And unlike other "chopper" effects, this has no blades or knives, making it an effect you can use for any audience - even kids. 





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Just like the Finger Penetration, but this is the Arm Penetration! 
(A harmless mystery.)