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Pocket Lady to Tiger (FT)
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Pocket Lady to Tiger (FT)
Pocket Lady to Tiger (FT)
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A pocket size version of a very famous illusion! The performer displays a picture of a magician with a lady in a cage in front. The lady in the picture transforms magically to a tiger. The item is produced on a sturdy plastic plate measuring 2.75" wide and 4.5" high with attractive offset pictures in full color. Easy to do, and this is a good pocket effect for your own use or a promotional item or gift.
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Performer displays a paddle with a picture of a dressed lady on the beach. A magic pass and she is in a one piece swimsuit. Performer attempts to make the swim suit vanish, but the tides rescue her modesty! Paddle is handed to spectator for a surprise.
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Quick Dress Change Picture  (FT)
Cover with a silk, or with a wave of your hand, make the woman's outfits in the picture quickly change from formal to casual. No need to turn picture around or over. 9.75″ high and 7.25″ wide.
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The woman in the picture changes to a tiger.