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Pocket Slot Machine (Astor)
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Pocket Slot Machine (Astor)
Pocket Slot Machine (Astor)
Item #: 21770 (M16-8-4)
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Astor showed us this Slot Machine-themed effect in Las Vegas (where else?) and we had to get it.


The basic idea of the prop is from an unknown Czech magician. Included with the prop are three video presentations and tutorials, which you can perform as mental or winning game effects.


The basic effect is to guess, or predict the winning symbol and/or the number chosen by  the spectators.


The winning symbol is the symbol which will be above the spectator’s freely chosen number after rotating the disc as many steps as the chosen number, in the direction indicated by the arrows on the disc.


In the first presentation you can guess the spectator’s winning symbol without seeing the disc. 


The second performance is about guessing not only the spectator’s winning symbol but his chosen number as well.


Finally in the third presentation you can predict two spectators’ numbers and winning symbols. 


Super easy to master and perform! No math to work out! The prop is examinable, there are no hidden gimmicks!

The colorful, whimsical item is made of premium category plastic material, instead of cardboard. packs flat.


A different outcome each time!



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Predict the winning symbol and/or the number chosen by  the