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Polka Dot Silk 32" (FT)
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Polka Dot Silk 32" (FT)
Polka Dot Silk 32" (FT)
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A very large, black silk foulard is shown, having hundreds of white polka dots printed all over both sides. Now, with a bit of magic, the magician holds this big cloth by a corner and begins to shake it, and all of the dots begin to flutter to the floor leaving a solid black cloth that can now be used for other tricks.  The spots wiped off the silk are tossed up and flutter down, making an attractive snowflakes.


Made with specially printed pure silk, 32" x 32", with spots and instructions. Polka dots are 3/4" in diameter.


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A 32" x 32" black silk covered with white polka dots is passed 
through the fist. All the dots disappear, leaving a plain black 
silk. 3/4" polka dots.