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Popcorn Dye Box (FT)
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Popcorn Dye Box (FT)
Popcorn Dye Box (FT)
Item #: 10522 (F7-1-1.2)
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A seemingly normal popcorn box is great for performing 12 tricks!


An innocent appearing popcorn box is shown empty on all sides. Performer then produces silks, cards, ropes, etc. Excellent for dyeing silks, restoring mutilated handkerchiefs, etc. Instructions for 12 different tricks furnished. Absolutely no skill required. Every magician should have this excellent device. Highly recommended.

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Blowing Blendo by Vincenzo Di Fatta (VDF)
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The magician shows a tube and puts two small silks of different colors inside. He then brings the tube to his mouth, and blows through it. A large zebra silk, with the same colors of the small ones, will magically fly out.
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Rabbit Production Silk 18"
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Dyeing Mirror Box - Mini (FT)
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Silk Blow Dye Tube (FT)
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Birthday Banner Dye (FT)
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Rabbit Production Silk 45"
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A seemingly normal popcorn box is great for performing 12 tricks!