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Prediction Cards (FT)
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Prediction Cards (FT)
Prediction Cards (FT)
Item #: 21014 (M6-2-4)
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The magician makes your favorite animal character appear, without first being told what it is.  We supply one Master card with nine animal characters and ten other cards with which you can perform this effect.

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Destination Unknown (Ickle Pickle)
21467 (M6-2-4)
A spectator mentally selects a city from 10 cards and turns that card over. The spectator is asked to find his city again on the back side of the cards. The magician instantly knows the city! Perplexing and lots of fun to perform.
Out of Stock

Triple Prediction - Candy Bars
21331 (M8-9-2)
A great 3 part prediction that's fun because it uses pictures of candy! Great for kids of all ages.
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Emoji Tell-A-Vision (R)
21294 (M7-9-2)
Mind Reading Magic! Ask your audience to secretly look at the 6- sided cube and choose any emoji and put it into the box. With a little mind reading magic, tell them (or make) the face they are thinking of! -No sleight of hand
In Stock

Emoji Impossible
21293 (M7-8-4)
The audience chooses one of 6 cellphone cards at random. No matter which card your audience chooses, they will always pick out the odd emoji!
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Twin Cards - Joker Magic Card Trick
21061 (M23-6-4)
The spectator selects a card from a red deck. The selected card’s twin appears on the outside of a blue deck, under the still sealed original cellophane!
Out of Stock

Royal Mental Prediction Board
12352 (M7-10-4)
The performer will know each of the assistant's predictions.
Out of Stock

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Magic Wand - 10" Plastic - Header Card
21935 (F2-4-2)
Black magic wand with white tips. Beautiful display item - with header card. 10 inches long.
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Back to the Future Playing Cards - Blue - Bicycle
21933 (R1-1-1)
"Great Scott!" Travel back to Hill Valley with the officially licensed Bicycle® Back to the Future playing cards. "Hurry, Doc!"
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Bagshawe's Mind Reading Genie (FT)
21932 (M2-6-2)
A pocket effect you can carry around, and perform any place. The Genie will be holding the same card the spectator selected.
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Magicians Lapel Pin - Dove (FT)
21907 (M5-18-3)
A tie or lapel pin enameled in several colors and plated in gold, with a magical theme.
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18 and Up Card Cocktails (FT)
21851 (M1-1-3)
18 drink cards and a wallet for a bunch of cocktail or bar routines!
In Stock

Computer Design Cards (FT)
21846 (M2-7-2)
The magician can name the selected design!
In Stock

The magician makes your favorite animal character appear, without 
first being told what it is.