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Princess Card Trick Ultra (FT)
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Princess Card Trick Ultra (FT)
Princess Card Trick Ultra (FT)
Item #: 22084 (R8-1-6)
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Performer shows 5 picture cards to a spectator and asks him to think of any one of the cards.


Performer removes one of the cards without showing its face and puts it in his pocket. He then shows the remaining 4 cards to the spectator. The thought of card has vanished. (It's in the performer's pocket.)


He now asks the spectator to delete the thought of card from his mind. He takes out the chosen card from his pocket, it is now blank!

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The thought of card vanishes from the pack of 5. (It ends up in the 
performer's pocket.) The spectator is asked to delete the thought of 
card from his mind. The magician takes out the chosen card from his 
pocket, it is now blank.