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Production Bunny - Rubber
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Production Bunny - Rubber
Production Bunny - Rubber
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This cute creature is a hit with children of all ages. Made of rubber and you'll be amazed at how small a space it can fit into when used as a production item. Great for change bags, mirror boxes and props with a small load chamber 4 1/2" high

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Rubber Dove 6"
A lifelike rubber dove can be used in many magic situations. As a production item, you can make it appear from a Dove Pan or a changing bag. You can place the rubber dove in a paper bag, crumple it up and reproduce a live dove elsewhere.
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Big Bunny (Goshman)
12928 (M2-3-4)
An 8" red sponge bunny.
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Adairs Triangle Production Box (FT)
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Performer produces silks, sponge balls, ribbons and streamers and other items from an empty triangular box. Sturdily made, attractively decorated, with illustrated instructions and ideas from Ian Adair.
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Rubber Lifelike Mouse
The mouse looks so real!
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Rabbit Production Silk 18"
20989 (M17-15-3)
Pull this 18" rabbit silk out of your hat. High quality 100% silk.
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Rabbit Production Box (FT)
Performer displays an open top, cut out front, empty box. A dagger pierces the box from side to side. Cover the front for an instant, and a small bunny, other small animal, silks, flower or other prop appears in the box.
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Sponge Production Bunny (FT)
This bunny can fit in small places and return to it's normal size. Approx. 8" long x 6.5" high x 3" wide.
In Stock

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Change Bag - Fantasy Red (Bazar de Magia)
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Jardine Ellis Ring and Book (FT)
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A metal ring that can be made to penetrate a wand, pencil, ruler or piece of rope which is held on both ends by a spectator. Includes instruction book with routines.
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Butterfly Puzzle - Small (FT) - Pack of 72
11887 (M3-6-3.M30-2-2)
The visible caterpillars change to a butterfly. Pack of 72 pieces.
In Stock

4 1/2" rubber bunny, useful as a production item and in change bags, 
mirror boxes and props with a small load chamber.