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My Professional Routine with Ropes by Marko
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My Professional Routine with Ropes by Marko
My Professional Routine with Ropes by Marko
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The routine presented in this DVD does not need any preparation, just a piece of standard rope, and may be performed anywhere, anytime. It has lots of humor, and offers a great magical impact on your audience. You will be able to cut the rope and restore it a couple of times; then it will be cut by one of the viewers. Then the ends of the rope will change places, from one of your hands to the other. The ropes' size change and, finally, the whole rope is restored. With just a little practice, you will be ready to present this great routine with ropes. Marko, the great Panamanian magician and one of the best American magicians, has included this routine in his repertoire for over 30 years!
In this DVD, you will find advice and tips to learn the routine and present it very quickly. In this DVD, you will have more than 45 minutes of excellent magic instruction, explained in English and Spanish.

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Famous Panamanian magician Marko reveals his secrets of the 
professional rope routines. Instructional DVD from Bazar de Magia.