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Puzzle Variety Sampler Kit #1
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Puzzle Variety Sampler Kit #1
Puzzle Variety Sampler Kit #1
Item #: P18535
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Sampler kits of some of our bigger metal puzzles.  Detailed photos and description in our Puzzles category.


Puzzle Kit # 1 contains 1 Each of:

  1. Enigma Loop Puzzle
  2. Nail Biter Puzzle
  3. Q in Q Puzzle
  4. Smiley Puzzle

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Q in Q Puzzle (FT)
Two funny twisted “Q”s linked for eternity! Or are they ? A little ingenuity will help you. Like the classic nail puzzle, though the big balls at the ends make it more baffling. High quality, large metal puzzle.
In Stock

Smiley Puzzle (Wonder)
20888 (M19-9-1)
Two lovey-dovey smiling hooks entangled in amorous confusion. Can you separate them?
In Stock

Rattleback Puzzle - 5 Pieces (Wonder)
21367 (M17-13-3)
Popular scientific novelty. The rattleback will stop and spin in the opposite direction on its own. 5 in each package. Each 2-1/2" long.
In Stock

Nail Biter Puzzle - FT
High quality, large metal puzzle based on the centuries old classic bent nails puzzle. This version has an added twist to make it doubly difficult to solve.
In Stock

Puzzle Variety Sampler Kit #2
Variety pack of some of our puzzles. Puzzle Kit # 2 contains 2 Each of 14 puzzles.
In Stock

Magic Snapper - Carded - Pack of 12 (Empire)
21465 (M13-12-3)
Only the magician can hook and unhook the rubber band in the tube. Easy to do, but a baffling puzzle for all ages.
In Stock

Rattleback Puzzle  - Bulk Pack of 144 (FT)
19518 (M17-13-2)
Popular scientific novelty. The rattleback will stop and spin in the opposite direction on its own. Pack of 144 pieces with instructions.
Out of Stock

Hook Puzzle - Gold Plated (FT) - Pack of 12
17302 (M10-11-3)
It is nearly impossible to separate these gold hooks from one another... unless you know how. Pack of 12.
In Stock

Magic Pyramid 4 pc Puzzle (Wonder)
21015 (M13-14-3)
Only the magician can create the pyramid with these 4 bright red pieces.
In Stock

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Drop Change Cube - 2 Part (FT)
20767 (M7-14-2)
Performer shows an Unsolved Puzzle Cube. He drops it on a board, transforming it into a Solved Puzzle Cube, which can be given out for examination. Can also transform into other objects.
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Bicycle Chinese Opera Deck
20972 (M2-9-1)
Chinese Opera themed deck of playing cards. Originally released only in Europe.
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Magician's Insurance Policy (FT)
9961 (M13-7-2)
3 incorrect card guesses are proven right after reading the insurance policy. The folded policy measures 3.5" x 8.5", and grows to 16.5" x 20.5" – large enough for stage.
In Stock

Magic Coloring Book - Large 8" x 11" (VDF)
21231 (M12-10-3)
Blank pages of a coloring book magically become black and white pictures of wild animals and then fully colored. Individually shrink wrapped. Large 8" x 11".
In Stock

Lota Water Bowl 8" (FT)
10255 (M12-4-2,34-1-2-3)
Empty the 8" high bowl, but it quickly fills itself up again.
In Stock

Toilet Bug - Pack of 12
T20619 (M23-13-3)
This fake bug will get a rise out of people. Pack of 12 blister cards.
In Stock

Variety pack of some of our puzzles.  Puzzle Kit # 1 contains 1 Each 
of 4 puzzles.