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Quad Forecast (FT)
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Quad Forecast (FT)
Quad Forecast (FT)
Item #: 22120 (M4-17-1)
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This is a clever Quadruple prediction effect, working on a similar "one behind principle” similar to the Mental Epic Slate.  The performer has a wooden stand on his table, holding up a clear glass sheet, attached to which are four miniature bulldog clips numbered 1 to 4.


The performer writes a prediction and fixes it under Clip No.1. A spectator is now invited to call out any city in the world. A second prediction is written and placed in Clip No.2. A second spectator is invited to name a relative the performer could not possibly know. This is repeated with the other two clips, with predictions being placed in them, before the spectators call out their selections. These selections could be anything you fancy - a word from a book or dictionary, a telephone number, name of a favorite person or place - where the prediction can be indicated by a word or two written on a piece of paper.

Finally, for the climax the performer invites the spectators to remove the  four predictions and check the predictions. Needless to say, the performer is right in all four cases!

The prop supplied by us for this effect is comprised of a wooden stand, a glass sheet (actually perspex) with four pegs to hook the bulldog clips on, and four miniature bulldog clips. In addition to this you will require some paper slips (about 4″ long and 3″ wide is a good size) and a pen to write with (a bold felt or marker pen is preferable for a large audience), and the instructions that make this a simple, subtle, and very effective mental miracle.


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You make four predictions and they all are correct! No stooges 
needed. This beautiful wood stand with a clear plastic frame holds 
the predictions.  Fantastic mentalism!