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Quarter Go - Teak (FT)
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Quarter Go - Teak (FT)
Quarter Go - Teak (FT)
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The magicians who prefer quality props will appreciate this Mini Lock Box/ Ring Chest, handsomely crafted from teak wood and polished, resembling a miniature treasure chest.  The box is cleverly gimmicked and allows you to secretly insert items like rings coins and notes or similar objects into the locked box whenever you wish in a moment. Whether you decide to use this box as a simple pocket trick or as a feature effect for headline predictions, this ingeniously made box will give you a lot of value. The box comes to you complete with lock, keys, and detailed instructions.

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A coin or ring is borrowed, marked and placed under a handkerchief. 
Suddenly the coin vanishes! Magi puts a small, padlocked, wooden box 
on the table. Spectator uses the key and opens the box. Inside is 
the marked coin! Box can be examined.