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Quartet (Astor)
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Quartet (Astor)
Quartet (Astor)
Item #: 21389 (M17-16-1)
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"Quartet" is a very simple Ace collection. However, this is a very special one as the stand used here makes possible to present the trick in close-up, parlor, or even a stand-up environment.  The trick can be learned within a really short time.  You need the 4 Aces and 12 numbered cards for the trick. As the 16 cards are not gimmicked in any way the package includes the stand only and a card case to store your own cards. The stand itself is made for poker size Bicycle cards. There are no gimmicked or extra cards. There are no switches or sleights during the presentation. There are no electronics, no magnets, or mechanics in the stand; therefore, it can be examined.

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"Quartet" is a very simple Ace collection. Placing the cards in the 
stand presents a nice display, and all can be examined. No gimmick 
cards are used!