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Rabbit Production Box (FT)
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Rabbit Production Box (FT)
Rabbit Production Box (FT)
Item #: 19665 (M7-3-2)
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The performer displays a box with an open top and cut out front, which allows the audience to clearly see the box as empty.  A dagger runs through the box from side to side.  The cut-out front of the box is covered for an instant with a plate, and when the plate is removed, a small bunny or other small animal appears in the box.


You can also use the box to produce a very large load of silks or flowers or other magician’s production props.  Supplied complete with performing instructions – you use your own bunny or other production items.  A very easy to use and effective production box.

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Performer displays an open top, cut out front, empty box. A dagger 
pierces the box from side to side. Cover the front for an instant, 
and a small bunny, other small animal, silks, flower or other prop 
appears in the box.