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Razed is a clever gimmick enabling you to perform many eye popping effects, including color changes and transpositions.  Made to work with any miniature Bic lighter.  Great for close up and manipulation acts.  Includes enough material for you to construct in 15 minutes, and then perform this highly visual transposition and color change trick.  Start and end clean, with nothing to ditch or switch.  Easy to perform, with instant re-set.  Instructional video included, with variations.  Lighters not included. 


Watch inventors Jason Bird and Dallas Fueston explain and perform Razed here.   

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An instant lighter transposition.  Razed is a clever gimmick enabling you to 
perform color changes and transpositions.  Made to work with any miniature 
Bic lighter.  Great for close up and manipulation acts.  Easy to perform; 
instant re-set.