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Repeat Square Puzzle (FT)
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Repeat Square Puzzle (FT)
Repeat Square Puzzle (FT)
Item #: 20887 (M17-10-4)
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This is a novel puzzle.  You hand over four cut out pieces to a spectator to form into a perfect square. This is relatively easy, and the spectator will form the square with a few attempts. As an afterthought, you hand him another piece – a small square.  Now ask him to form a perfect square using all five pieces. This will prove much more difficult, until you demonstrate how easy it is. Made in plastic, with polybag header and instructions.

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With relative ease, a spectator can form four cut out pieces into a 
perfect square.  Then, hand them a small square fifth piece.  Now, 
forming a perfect square will be much more difficult.  Plastic, PBH 
with instructions.