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Ring Vanishing Gimmick (FT)
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Ring Vanishing Gimmick (FT)
Ring Vanishing Gimmick (FT)
Item #: 9751 (M17-9-2)
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This gimmick allows the performer to vanish a ring from a full glass of liquid and reproduce it to an entirely different place. There are no duplicates and any ring may be used. There is no sleight of hand involved as the gimmick makes the effect self-working. After the vanish the ring may be produced from anywhere - a locked box, a loaf of bread or even a ball of wool. This is great impromptu magic!
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There are many effects that require the vanish of a borrowed ring, 
which is later reproduced from a Ball of Wool, a Locked Box, Nest of 
Boxes, or other similar magicians prop.  This is the gimmick that 
allows you to make it vanish.