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Rising Magic Wand - Blister Card
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Rising Magic Wand - Blister Card
Rising Magic Wand - Blister Card
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The most recognizable prop for any magician is the classic magic wand. Made of sturdy plastic, black with white tips. 13" long.

The Fantasma Rising Magic Wand can be used to:


  • Direct an audience's attention
  • Help with your illusions
  • It can even be used to create the magic itself.
  • Holding it in one hand you snap your fingers and the wand will levitate straight up into the air
  • It can even shoot right out of your hand!

Super easy to do and fun to perform! No sleight of hand! No complicated set-ups! No extra props! Everything you need is secretly concealed within the wand itself! Perfect for children's shows! Great for beginners and seasoned professionals! Fantasma is honored that they are the only toy company endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world's largest professional magicians' organization. Fantasma magic is the only magic product on the market today to carry this seal.


Quality is extremely important, every Fantasma magic product is quality controlled. Each component of the set conforms to all USA and International toy safety testing standards.

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The magic wand rises mysteriously in your hand!