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Rising Wand - Deluxe 5/8" (EZ-X)
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Rising Wand - Deluxe 5/8" (EZ-X)
Rising Wand - Deluxe 5/8" (EZ-X)
Item #: 20438 (M17-7-3)
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This is a versatile magic wand.  Use as a regular wand in your act, but it can be made to jump out of your hand.  It can jump into the air, or jump up and strike you on the chin or nose!  The wand can be made to rise in your hand, or glide horizontally (or at any angle) through your hand from end to end in an eerie fashion.  We supply you with the special wand ready to use with instructions.  The wand is approximately 10" long.

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This rising wand is approximately 10" long. The magician's favorite 
rising wand.