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Roccos Symphony Coins (Kennedy Half) (Roy Kueppers)
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Roccos Symphony Coins (Kennedy Half) (Roy Kueppers)
Roccos Symphony Coins (Kennedy Half) (Roy Kueppers)
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Make 4 coins appear and vanish at your fingertips!


Symphony Coins are meticulously hand crafted by Roy Kueppers so that each coin is SO EXTREMELY THIN, that each gimmicked set of coins is only 1.5 the width of a normal coin of the same denomination.


That means when they magnetically collapse into ONE coin nobody notices…AND because they are magnetic with the perfect polarity– YOU can treat it as one.

Toss it, lap it and more without worries of it coming apart OR making noise.

Yet you can easily separate them with slight pressure from your fingers – to produce them individually or as a set of 4.


Even better, this gaff works great in BOTH directions.


Note: The Symphony Coins set is 4 coins but also has smaller magnets than Transient Coins (set of 3 coins) so they take very little effort to separate. This is important for doing Downs Palm productions and vanishes.


  • Appear and vanish coins effortlessly
  • Coins jump from hand-to-hand instantly
  • Ultra-thin (1.5 the width of a normal coin)
  • Super smooth movement perfect polarity
  • Remarkably silent
  • Extremely durable (NO maintenance needed like a flipper or shell)

Includes over 16 tricks, tips and routines from world renowned magician, Rocco Silano.

 Custom made by Roy Kueppers.

 Kennedy Half Dollar version.

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Make 4 coins appear and vanish at your fingertips!