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Rope Magic Set 42 Tricks Kit (FT)
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Rope Magic Set 42 Tricks Kit (FT)
Rope Magic Set 42 Tricks Kit (FT)
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This rope magic set comes to you complete with 24 feet of rope in 2 colors, a powder coated metal ring and a book with 42 effects.  This book, with 48 printed pages and 193 illustrations, contains step-by-step instructions for 42 of the best tricks you can perform with Rope, including Appearing and Vanishing Knots, Cut and Restored Rope Tricks, Flourishes and Penetrations. Stretching and Shrinking Ropes, Ring and rope routines, and much more.

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Magicians Rope - Soft Core 36 ft (FT)
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Special soft plaited white cotton soft core rope. If you perform rope effects (Cut & Restored Ropes, Rope Knotting, Linking Ropes, Professor's Nightmare etc.) this is rope custom made for magicians' use.
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This rope magic set comes to you complete with 24 feet of rope, a 
special metal ring and a book with 42 effects.