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Rope with 4 Ends - Deluxe (FT)
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Rope with 4 Ends - Deluxe (FT)
Rope with 4 Ends - Deluxe (FT)
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A novel and different rope routine where two lengths of rope are shown and stretched to one long piece. Then the rope grows 4 ends, and finally three knots appear on the rope. Easy to do. Made in deluxe cotton rope, ready to work with instructions. Nothing to replace.
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Magicians Rope - Soft Core 36 ft (FT)
20507 (M13-6-4)
Special soft plaited white cotton soft core rope. If you perform rope effects (Cut & Restored Ropes, Rope Knotting, Linking Ropes, Professor's Nightmare etc.) this is rope custom made for magicians' use.
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Ring and Rope Escape (Wonder)
The ring can come right through the rope.
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Change Bag - Economy  (FT)
20355 (M3-18-3, 31-9-1)
The Change Bag is an invaluable accessory for any magician. Takes little space in your bag of props, and is a more natural prop for use with silks or rope. Very good value for the money.
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Linking Ropes (Empire)
17804 (M11-3-2)
Three ropes are tied into loops, then magically link and unlink! The 'poor man's' linking rings! Easy to do. Ziplock bag with picture insert.
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Stiff Rope - Red - Boxed (FT)
The rope magically becomes extremely stiff.
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Magic Coin Slide Case #5413 - Pack of 12
20515 (M12-7-3, 41-7-3)
A coin placed in the magic slide vanishes and reappears at the Magician's will. Also, one coin can magically transform into another and back again! Pack of 12.
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Sterling Giant Book of Card Tricks
14714 (L5-3-1)
Bob Longe adapted this book from 3 prior books, teaches some great card tricks, and clearly explains a good number of basic techniques. Written for the beginner, but fairly comprehensive, so an intermediate card magician will find much here.
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Silk - 9" - Pack of 12 - Yellow
18152 (M18-17-1)
A dozen yellow silks, 9" in size.
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Follow The Leader Blocks (FT)
19160 (M9-9-3)
Display a red & a white block, then cover with black covers, and mark with similar blocks placed on the covers. After exchanging the red & white marker blocks, the blocks under them also change places. Can be repeated; automatic.
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Epic Board (FT)
The performer infallibly predicts three words, numbers, names or images which will be freely selected by the audience. Sturdy wood and laminate construction. 13.5" x 9.5" - small enough to fit into a brief case, yet large enough for a big audience.
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Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square
11431 (M5-10-4)
A sponge ball turns into a 2.5" red sponge square.
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The rope continually has the amount of ends change.