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Royal Bill Tube - Plastic
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Royal Bill Tube - Plastic
Royal Bill Tube - Plastic
Item #: 11704 (M17-5-2)
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A fine trick you can carry in your pocket and do any time. A marked bill is vanished, after being wrapped up in a handkerchief and held by the spectator. The performer now reaches in his pocket and takes out a tube, with a cover fastened by a crossbar. Upon removing the cover, the marked, vanished bill is found inside the tube. You will enjoy doing this miracle effect!
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Crystal Clear Tube It (FT)
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In Stock

Gold Plated Bill Tube (FT)
18694 (M10-18-2)
A Bill Tube precision machined from brass, engraved and plated in gold. With a little care, it will last forever. The bill vanishes from the handkerchief, and reappears inside the locked tube.
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Classic Bill Tube - Brass (Bazar de Magia)
A dollar bill is borrowed and vanished, and it reappears into a solid locked brass tube. The spectator himself opens the lock and takes out the bill. Strong magic, very well made and working perfectly. Made of real solid brass.
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The signed dollar jumps from a handkerchief to inside of a tube.