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Royal Dragon Fanning Deck
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Royal Dragon Fanning Deck
Royal Dragon Fanning Deck
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The beautiful art of card fanning is made easy with this very special deck.  The deck is 1.5 inches longer than a standard poker size deck, and has a back design that allows the performer to create at least four different colors of fans.  As you spread the cards, the unusual printed designs seem to change in an endless display of vibrant colors.

The face of the deck is the best part.  Fanned in one direction, the deck appears ordinary.  Fanned in the other direction, however, the cards form a full color picture of a menacing green dragon!

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The deck is 1.5 inches longer than a standard poker size deck. 
Fanned in one direction, the deck appears ordinary.  Fanned in the 
other direction, form a full color picture of a green dragon!