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Royal Flush - Jumbo (FT)
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Royal Flush - Jumbo (FT)
Royal Flush - Jumbo (FT)
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The Magician fans out five Jumbo cards (6.75” x 4.5”) 4 of which are Tens and one a Joker. The Joker first visibly changes into an Ace. The magician now shows that the other three Tens have magically changed into a King, Queen and Jack of Spades respectively. When the magician places all the cards on the table they are seen to form a perfect “Royal Flush”. Complete with detailed illustrated instructions. 

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The Magician fans out five Jumbo cards (6.75” x 4.5”), four Tens and 
one Joker. One by one, the cards visibly change until they form a 
Royal Flush.