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Royal Lethal Tender
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Royal Lethal Tender
Royal Lethal Tender
Item #: 18881 (O3-3-7)
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A Chinese coin and US half dollar coin are displayed inside a wallet, along with a playing card. Magician removes the card and the half dollar from the wallet and places the coin on the back of the spectator’s hand. He waves the card over the half dollar and it visibly changes into the Chinese coin! When the spectator looks inside the wallet – which has been on the table – he finds the half dollar!

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Lethal Tender Bridge .50 (Sterling)
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Change a half dollar into a Chinese coin. No skill required, as the coins do all the work.
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Scotch and Soda (Tango)
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Scotch and Soda with English Penny - Regular (E-Z)
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25 Tricks with Lethal Tender Kit
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Scotch and Soda with Mexican Centavo (Z)
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The half dollar and Chinese coin change places.