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Royal Mystic Patterns
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Royal Mystic Patterns
Royal Mystic Patterns
Item #: 13282 (M18-2-3)
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An ESP prediction. You tell in advance which symbols will be on the ends, even though they change each time.

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Computer Mindreading Cards (FT)
The spectator chooses any card mentally, chooses the computer card with it, and the magician knows it!
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Future Mental
20523 (M9-14-3)
A beautiful mind-reading effect with a wooden box and three brightly colored crocheted balls.
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102 E-Z Magic Tricks (FT)
BK9529 (L9-2-2.M48-12-1)
A perfect stocking stuffer. Uses simple language to teach EASY to do tricks. None of the tricks require any special apparatus - use coins, watches, cards, cigarettes, mind reading tricks, etc. Each trick fully illustrated.
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Astonishing Mind Reading Magic Set - 120 Tricks Magic Kit (FT)
21138 (M28-2-1.M29-2-1)
Unique magic kit from E-Z Magic! Learn to perform 120 great magic tricks with 18 complete props. Great Holiday, birthday, or general gift of magic for your beginner magician! 7 years+.
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A 50 foot piece of red magicians' rope.
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Multiplying Rabbits - Bulk Pack of 500
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Two large sponge rabbits interact in a spectator's hand and magically produce five baby rabbits. Colors may vary. Red or blue. Bulk pack of 500. With instructions.
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Pour out the milk and then it vanishes.
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Incredible Block Penetration - Stage Size (FT)
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The ball passes through both plates. Stage size.
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Vernet Sixth Finger - Normal
Hidden and used in between your fingers, in order to hold loads.
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Royal Coin Catcher and Vanisher
Easily make coins vanish from your hand.
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The performer will know what symbols will show up next.