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Sam Schwartz - Incredible Word Power
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Sam Schwartz - Incredible Word Power
Sam Schwartz - Incredible Word Power
Item #: 21958 (L1-2-3)
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The magician reveals which word card is selected!


We are pleased to offer this streamlined version of one of the many brilliant word tests created by Sam Schwartz. The performer shows a group of almost fifty word cards, one word to a card. The participant is handed all the cards and is asked to think of any one word. The performer proceeds to reveal the word without any hesitation, beginning with individual letters and then revealing the entire word!


This can be done with your back turned, in a different room, even over the phone (by mailing or emailing the list beforehand). It is suitable for both smaller and larger audiences. In addition to the clever method, Sam has refined the revelation procedure to look like you knew the word right from the beginning.


The word cards are nicely printed on white card stock and professionally laminated for years of use. There are 48 different cards.


Poly bag with printed instructions.

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The magician reveals which word card is selected!