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Sams Super Ropes (FT)
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Sams Super Ropes (FT)
Sams Super Ropes (FT)
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The special ropes supplied will enable you to perform not one but three different and very effective rope tricks, as effective stand alone items, or blended in a strong multi climax rope routine.  The props supplied are 3 multicolored pieces of rope (actually four, though your audience see only 3) which are gimmicked in a clever manner.  You get all the ropes, and detailed illustrated instructions for all the effects below. You do not have much to do – just learn the sequence of simple moves, and mystify your audience with some amazing rope magic.


Perform a very clean and incredible version of the Professor’s Nightmare. Start with 3 different sized ropes, each shown clearly and singly separate. Hold them together, fold them and blow on them, and all 3 ropes are now the same size. Once again all the 3 ropes are shown singly and separate to be the same size.


Take the 3 ropes and tie them into three separate rings. Then perform a linking and unlinking rope ring routine, linking the rings into a chain, and unlinking them into 3 separate loops or rope rings.


Finally untie the rings, and use two of the ropes, both the same size. Tie the ends together. Then slide the knot, so that it is to one end. Untie the knot, and one rope is now three times longer than the other. (And you are back where you started – with three different sizes of rope!)


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These special ropes will enable you to perform not one but three 
different and very effective rope tricks, as effective stand alone 
items, or blended in a strong multi climax rope routine.