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Santa Coloring Frame (FT)
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Santa Coloring Frame (FT)
Santa Coloring Frame (FT)
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There are many picture coloring effects, but this one is very clean, has some additional surprises, and makes a very strong visual impact.
The performer displays a large photo frame.  The framed picture displays a lot of random black marks, as if ink or paint has been splattered on a blank paper. The performer asks the audience to guess what the picture is, but they obviously haven’t a clue.  As the audience is making a wild guess, the picture instantly and visibly transforms into a perfect picture.  This depicts Santa, complete with his bag of gifts.  However, the picture is just a drab black and white drawing, – obviously not good enough to be framed.  The performer waves the picture, and it instantly gets transformed into a fully colored one.


The effect is completely mechanical in nature, and comes ready to work.  It is ideal for a Christmas show, although it can be used for any type of show.  We supply you the special picture and frame, complete and ready to work.

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Change seemingly random black marks on a framed print into a perfect 
picture of Santa, complete with his bag of gifts.  Wave the framed picture 
and it instantly gets transformed into a fully colored one.