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Secrets of Magic by S. Dalal (FT)
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Secrets of Magic by S. Dalal (FT)
Secrets of Magic by S. Dalal (FT)
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A soft cover book of 6" x 4.5" size, 184 pages, printed and illustrated with about 50 tricks for the beginner in magic. Includes valuable tips on presentation, showmanship and misdirection. Tricks with cards, coins, ropes, silks, mental effects, magic with numbers, apparatus to make and more.  In this book you will learn How To Float A Coin On Water, How To Hypnotize A Person So He Cannot Lift His Leg Off The Ground, How To Produce Smoke From Your Fingertips, How To Unlink Two Linked Safety Pins, How To Escape The Hangman’s Noose and much more.


This book does not just give a few ‘secrets’, rather it has been written with the object of making the reader a complete magician. Every step from the theory to practice of magic has been explained. Valuable advice and suggestions on Presentation and Showmanship that form the core of a better magic show are included.


The author has also explained some magic effects used by professional magicians, like Making Message Appear On A Blank Slate, Producing Handkerchiefs, Flowers, Sweets And Even A Live Rabbit From An Empty Box And Tube and much more such baffling effects you see in a magic show. The props you need to show these are either ordinary household objects or you can easily make them following the clear instructions in the book.

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A 184 page book especially written for beginners in magic.  Contains 
50 clearly illustrated magic trick.  6" x 4.5".