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Self Working Coin Magic 92 Foolproof Tricks by K. Fulves
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Self Working Coin Magic 92 Foolproof Tricks by K. Fulves
Self Working Coin Magic 92 Foolproof Tricks by K. Fulves
Item #: BK14678 (L11-1-1)
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Money and magic. What a combination! With this helpful and reavealing book, even the novice can astound audiences with mystifying magical feats requiring little more than common coins and paper currency. Written by one of today's foremost authorities on self working magic tricks, Karl Fulves. This how-to book features an impressive array of 92 simple to do tricks sure to dazzle any audience.

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Nickels to Dimes (E-Z)
Seamlessly change nickels into dimes with this precision made brass device. No skill required. 5 routines included.
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Fulves teaches over 90 of his best coin tricks.