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Shock Lighter Deluxe
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Shock Lighter Deluxe
Shock Lighter Deluxe
Item #: 17462 (M18-14-2)
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Wait for someone to light up. When they push the button, they are really shocked! Lots of laughs! Includes "AAA" battery. Each blister carded.
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Shock Cigarettes
These cigarettes deliver a shocking surprise.
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Shock Hand Buzzer
20357 (M18-14-3)
As far as shock value, it can’t be beat. Give an unsuspecting friend a jolt when you shake their hand. A time-honored classic. Each piece in blister card packaging. Each dozen in colorful display box.
In Stock

Razed - Instant Lighter Transposition
20775 (M17-12-3)
An instant lighter transposition. Razed is a clever gimmick enabling you to perform color changes and transpositions. Made to work with any miniature Bic lighter. Great for close up and manipulation acts. Easy to perform; instant re-set.
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Squirt Lighter - Pack of 12
17599 (M20-12-1)
This lighter will surprise whoever uses it with a water spray. Pack of 12 blister cards.
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Shocking Chewing Gum 3.5" - Pack of 12
21672 (M18-14-4)
This pack of gum has a shocking surprise, for your best friends, and soon-to-be-friends. Pack of 12 blister cards.
In Stock

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This lighter will shock whoever uses it.