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Silks to Flowers Tube (FT)
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Silks to Flowers Tube (FT)
Silks to Flowers Tube (FT)
Item #: 18578 (M19-13-3)
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Three different colored silks are placed in a net tube, clearly visible through the net at all times. The tube is tossed up, and when the silks are removed, they have transformed into a flower in the same colors. Easy to do, and complete with three silks, net tube and flower.
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Silk to Rose Plus (FT)
The red silk turns into a rose before ultimately wilting.
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Crystal Tube (Goshman)
13087 (M6-9-4)
The three silks tie themselves together once placed in the tube. 10" long.
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Torch To Bouquet (FT)
21582 (M23-12-4)
The magician walks on stage holding a burning torch. She covers it with a tube and magically the torch vanishes and a beautiful bouquet appears in her hand.
In Stock

Crystal Tube (VDF)
20839 (M6-9-3)
A crystal tube is shown to spectators. The magician puts three separate silks inside of it. He blows them out of the tube and magically the silks appear tied. A simple, nice, and colorful effect. All necessary props supplied.
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Crystal Clear Tube It (FT)
A crystal clear Bill Tube is shown to spectators. An initialed borrowed bill is placed in and then vanishes from beneath a borrowed pocket handkerchief. It reappears inside the clear transparent capsule. Spectator can remove the bill.
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Bargain Bouquet (10 flowers) (FT)
9445 (M2-13-1.M2-13-2.3.5)
Magically produce a bouquet of red and yellow flowers.
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Thumb Tip Blendo Deluxe (VDF)
12376 (M22-12-3)
A magician transforms four different colored 100% pure silks into one silk four times as large, which is composed of all four of the original colors! Comes with gimmick and silks.
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Vanishing Quarter (FT) - Pack of 12
17726 (M24-3-2)
A borrowed & marked coin is dropped in a clear glass of water, covered by a handkerchief, then vanishes completely. The same coin later appears in your pocket. Pack of 12.
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Magic Sword Illusion (Z)
20445 (M13-12-1)
Now updated to the alien version! Place the metal rod through the hole and press the lever. The sword will penetrate completely through the metal rod. Can be examined.
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Backwards Clock
17488 (M2-17-3)
This clock may tell time backwards, but it's still accurate.
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Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - Ace of Spades (FT)
19322 (M22-12-3)
A set of silks that can be pulled from a false thumb tip.
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Easy to Master Mental Magic by J. Clark
BK19870 (L4-3-1)
Clark teaches 15 mentalism tricks.
Out of Stock

The three silks become a tri-color flower. All parts included.